5 Things Every Website Needs

Better Websites Lead to Better Marketability and More Conversions 

Websites are your digital business card. 

No matter the size of your company, your website is often one of the first impressions your brand gives to the public. 

But it is also an important piece of marketing for any brand. The call to action (CTA) in your social post often drives people to some aspect of your website. 

But imagine how disappointed your target audience will be arriving on your website only to find chaotic navigation or glitches. 

Bad website design leads to more page abandonment, which can really hurt your conversion rates and eventual bottom line. Here are five things every website needs. 

1 | Strong Branding

Strong branding allows consumers to recognize and identify your brand instantaneously. It also helps them remember you. In order to be strong, your branding should be cohesive across all your platforms. When a user lands on your website after clicking on a link in a social post, they shouldn’t feel like they have landed in a separate world, but in an extension of your social. Your logo and brand colors should be consistent from platform to platform and across your website. This helps to create a more immersive experience for consumers. 

2 | Clean Navigation

There are many options for website navigation menus. You can have drop-down, scroll triggered, and more. It often doesn’t matter what type you choose, but what is important is that your navigation makes it easy for users to find what they need on your site. Website navigation should be clean, simple, and intuitive in design and how it’s organized. For example, your most important pages might be items on their own, but when the user hovers over those items, a drop-down menu appears with supporting content or sub-pages. The easier you make your website to navigate, the longer visitors will remain on your site, increasing the chances of conversion. 

3 | Contact and About Pages

Two of the most sought after pages, besides those about your products or services, are those about your brand and your brand’s contact information. An About page should give users deeper insight on what your brand is about, your purpose, mission, and even the history of your company. Making this content compelling can really draw visitors in and begin to form the foundations of trust between your brand and your target audience. 

Visitors may wish to contact you to ask a question, seek customer support, or just sing your company’s praises in an email. But for companies that don’t have a contact page, audiences may find that business distrustful. Marketing is about creating and continuing conversations, so a contact page is imperative. 

4 | A Mobile-Friendly Version

Much of our online scrolling takes place on the go. But on phones and tablets, there is limited screen space. Having a mobile-friendly version of your website will allow mobile users to still have an exceptional experience on your site. Having a dynamic website that allows for the layout to change based on screen size is one way to create a mobile-friendly site. Another option is to collapse the navigation into a single button that drops down to display all the options when tapped. This keeps the navigation neat and tucked away when not needed, allowing the content on each page to take center stage, but is ready to use when the user needs it. 

5 | A Blog

Every brand should have a blog on their website. Blogs provide content rich marketing that helps drive engagement and conversions. What is content rich marketing? It is content that provides something of value for free to consumers, such as tutorials, product information, or educational information. It is also a way for your brand to position itself as a thought leader in your industry or niche. 

A blog on your site also provides additional SEO (search engine optimization). Each of your blog pages should link back to other pages on your site, which increases your entire site’s SEO score, and thus, bumps you up in organic searches. Learn more about SEO for your blog and your website by checking out our SEO primer

Whether you are looking to provide educational information or have a tutorial, your blog is a great place to drive your social traffic to. Then, your goal should be to drive users from your blog to a product or service page, helping you drive conversions. 

Website Development that Breaks Through

Whether your website needs a tune up or an overhaul, Attuned can help you develop a site that is eye catching, informative, and intuitive. Not only can we help you with website design, but we can help incorporate your website into a holistic marketing approach that delivers better results. Learn more about how we can help you achieve your vision by visiting our website today