5 Trends in Marketing that Construction Businesses Should Have on Their Radar

Tips for Growing Your Construction Business with Strategic Marketing

Each industry is a little different when it comes to their marketing strategy. What works for a business selling clothing online may not work well for a business that provides a local service. Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) brands should also have different strategies from one another. For example, someone selling handmade goods on Etsy will find that Instagram is a great platform, while a manufacturer of parts used in technology will find more traction on LinkedIn. 

You might be asking yourself, just what are some good strategies for my specific industry? 

Today, we’ll be looking at some good marketing strategies and trends for construction businesses to have on their radar. 

1 | Paid Search and Social Media Advertising

With so much noise online, it’s hard to be heard consistently without paying for some digital advertising. Paid search results are a great way to promote your construction business. Customers doing searches online are ready to sign a contract because they are actively in the purchasing phase. Paying to get into the top search results on a search engine like Google is a smart move for businesses that offer local services, but it doesn’t have to be pricey. Use long-tail keywords to your advantage. Some examples of long-tail keywords you can use include: “commercial construction company in Colorado,” “luxury residential construction contractor,” “commercial contractor in Charlotte” and so on. Often these more specific terms are much cheaper to bid on. 

While Google’s search engine is great for brands that provide a local service, that doesn’t mean you can’t get traction on another platform. LinkedIn focuses on B2B and is another great platform for construction companies to advertise on. Some other options include YouTube (which is essentially a search engine itself, plus video ads are highly engaging), Instagram (because the visuals can help provide an instant portfolio in your ad) and Facebook (because it is the most-used social platform). 

2 | Content that Builds Your Brand

You can’t just pay for digital ads and not build your regular feed. It’s key that you routinely post organic content that builds your brand as an authority within the construction industry. Make sure you focus on providing value and information that your audience will find useful. Here are a few ideas to help you build up engaging and informative organic content:

  • Blog: Blogs allow you to share insight and build your brand as a thought leader in the industry. Not only does it show potential clients that you know what you are talking about, but it allows you to make connections within the construction industry and perhaps even collaborate, which can bring you a wider audience. 
  • Stories: Many of the major social platforms offer Stories, such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Stories essentially let you tell mini stories, hence the name. These posts are highly engaging and can be informative, allowing you to walk your audience through each part of your story with multiple images or a video. 
  • Show the Progress: Don’t be afraid to show more than just the finished project. Post photos of your work during a project as a behind-the-scenes peek into what your company is up to. 
  • Highlight Your Employees: Consumers love to learn about the faces behind the brand. Highlight your employees by sharing their photo, a project they worked on and some fun facts about them so that people can get to know your company on a more personal level. 
  • Aerial Photos: It’s easy enough to stand in front of a finished building and snap a photo with your phone. Stand out from the crowd with an aerial photo of your projects taken by drone! It will certainly get you noticed. 

3 | Email Marketing

Build long-term relationships with your clients by utilizing email marketing to keep them informed of projects your company has taken on and to share your insights on the construction industry overall. You can also use it to promote a blog if you have one. Send out an email once a month with updates your clients will be interested in.

4 | Video for Engagement 

Videos reign supreme as the most engaging type of content, whether it is for paid advertising or organic posts. Be sure to follow this format when doing videos: Tease what your viewers can expect to get out of the video in the first 10 to 15 seconds, provide what you teased, and then wrap up the video with an overview. You can also use videos to show client stories or testimonials, behind the scenes of current projects, or even get aerial video using a drone. 

5 | SEO 

Amp up your organic content and website by focusing on SEO. Make sure you are using keywords or phrases in your copy, giving your images specific names based on keywords and phrases and filing in the title and alt text on images where you can with those same keywords and phrases. Search engines and social platforms search all of these to help inform what your content is about and show it to people based on their searches. To help you figure out what are highly searched words or phrases relevant to your industry, use a tool like SEM Rush

Work with an Invested Partner

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