5 Trends in Marketing that Nonprofits Should Have on Their Radar

From Cultivating New Donors to New Recurring Donors, These Trends will Provide Value and Engagement for Bigger Donation Totals

I know you are probably in the throes of executing your end of year marketing. 

The holiday season is a busy time for nonprofits. However, it’s never too early to start thinking about the upcoming year and how you can make it the best one yet!

And with the past two years being so volatile, it’s key that you start planning your marketing goals and strategies now, rather than later. 

Wait too long and you’ll have rough, unpredictable seas ahead. 

To help you get your ducks in a row to make next year more successful, here are 5 marketing trends nonprofits should have on their radar for smoother sailing. 


1 | Gen Z: A Powerhouse of Giving

Gen Z is beginning to enter into adulthood and is ready to contribute to society. Scientists believe that Gen Z will be the most socially conscious generation yet (think Greta Thunberg level of socially conscious involvement). But you will have to work for their donations; you can’t just expect the money to roll in just because they are so socially conscious. You’ll need to cater to Gen Z by giving them content that is accessible. Your mobile site might need tweaking and you should seriously consider getting on TikTok (the favorite platform of this generation). Your messaging should also be succinct statements of value to get them interested. 


2 | Video is not an Option

Video isn’t an option anymore and if you aren’t providing this value-rich content, you are seriously missing out and falling short on audience expectations. So ride the wave and get moving on adding video to your website, social platforms, and in your advertising. It’s the perfect opportunity to make emotional, personal appeals to your audience. It also allows you to show, not just tell, so consider sharing behind the scenes or the impact of donations through the powerful medium that is video. Don’t forget livestreaming too, which we’ll get to more in a moment. 


3 | Re-Engaging Lapsed Donors

Continually focusing efforts on new donors and not on retaining previous donors will just leave you spinning your wheels. And when times are tough, previous donors can be those most likely to donate to your organization. That is because people have a tendency to donate to charities they are most familiar with when they have limited financial flexibility. But don’t wait for those tough times to re-engage them. Build or use a database of donors that allows you to segment out your audiences, giving you the ability to remarket to previous donors. This will also allow you to personalize your marketing efforts and the opportunity to share a compelling message on why they should consider donating again. 


4 | Growing Sustainers for Stability

Sustainers are the “Old Faithfuls” of your nonprofit. They are the people who routinely give to your organization, making them the bread and butter. They bring predictability to your fundraising efforts, but they too will take work to keep them engaged and grow your sustainers base year after year. But how do you turn a one time donor into a recurring donor? No matter what form your efforts take, you’ll need to give them a succinct value proposition along with engaging communications specifically targeted at people you’ve identified as possible sustainers. 


5 | Livestreaming Fundraisers

Twitch is the most popular livestreaming platforming in the world. You may have never heard of it, or if you have, you may think it’s only for gamers, but it isn’t! It’s actually a great way to livestream fundraisers, allowing you to reach a really wide audience unlike traditional, in-person events. It’s also a great way to reach younger donors, like Millennials and Gen Zers. You’ll need to do some prep work for your fundraising event, just like you would a traditional one, such as speakers and the focus of the event.  Want to learn more about how to do livestreaming fundraisers? Check out this article from Twitch


A Helping Hand

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