A book every marketer should read by Donald Miller

Sometimes you pick up a marketing book that just nails it. “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller is one of those books.

Relevant to most every marketer, “Building a Story Brand” provides great insights into effective marketing and storytelling and, even more important, a practical road map for brand promotion centered on the customer’s story.

While it all seems common sense, the principles of this book are not practiced nearly enough. Many marketers focus on flaunting a client’s distinctive “story”, Miller says; customers just want to know that a business understands their problem and can solve it.

In a global marketplace with immense competition and distraction, the most effective messages are simple and direct, Miller adds.

Miller’s roadmap further departs from our conventions in that he advises businesses to speak often to their customers’ problems. This point struck home with me, as we tend to focus first on promoting our clients’ neat little solutions.

There is much more in the book, of course, including the importance of companies giving each customer a clear plan and evidence that you are a reliable and effective resource who is empathetic to their needs.

Ultimately, successful marketing presents a path for the customer thriving and realizing an aspirational identity, Miller says.

While not the only book on this subject, Miller’s “Building a Story Brand” is a great resource that I have provided to several clients and partners.

Let me add that this book was referred to me by a new client, showing that we can learn from all around us, including those who have hired us to promote them.

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