About Attuned Marketing Partners

What is it to be Attuned and what do we do?

At Attuned, we provide marketing solutions that transform our client’s businesses, brands, and teams.  Here are the three principles that define who we are and the role we play. 

A Fractional CMO and generalist dedicated to results and adding value

We serve as a Fractional CMO, immersed in our clients’ businesses and dedicated to adding value. As generalists, we believe marketing is most effective when it considers the entirety of our client’s businesses including sales and operations.

We view ourselves as a partner invested in your business and one that is accountable and in it for the long run

We view ourselves as a partner invested in your success. Immersing ourselves in your business, we are accountable for the results generated and will make the adjustments necessary to be successful.

We serve a variety of clients sharing similar values and a growth mindset

We work with a variety of clients sharing a growth mindset and common values.  Our goal with each of these clients is to deliver on our promises and to develop a long-term relationship. See client solutions.

An outlier dedicated to results, expansive thinking, and building teams

As Attuned’s founder, I often think of myself as a marketing outsider. I embrace this view and consider it a strength and defining element of the Attuned culture and value proposition. Starting as a client, I learned the power of creative advertising and promotion supported by a strategic understanding of the customer. I became a student and advocate of an integrated marketing-communications approach, looking at the whole picture of the client business and wedding marketing and sales. As I transitioned from client to agency and consulting, many marketing principles were changing ranging from accountability and measurement of ROI to the rapid rise of digital marketing and social media. changes in technology, media, and ways of doing business have accelerated since then of course, and I view the principle of ongoing change and potential disruption as vital marketing issues and opportunities.

Attuned Clients

Aldo Coatings
Archetype Investments
Aria Communities
Batson Cook
Blythe Development
Bonterra Homes
Dilworth Center
FCA Management
Forsite Renewables
Gaither Construction
Gas Fired Products
Goode Development
Griffith Real Estate Services
Hinshaw Properties
High Performance Technologies
LGI Homes
McLean on Lake Wyle
Pappas Properties
Peachtree Residential
Riverchase Estates
Terwilliger Pappas