Agile Marketing

How agile is your marketing?  How quickly are you able to respond to the changing needs of your business in the fast paced media environment of today’s culture?

Agile marketing means having the ability to make the necessary adjustments required of the best made plans and strategies. It means having the right team of professionals in place, relatively small in number but experts in their respective fields. Sleek. That team is focused on your core strategies, and can adjust to changes and challenges in technology, market trends, and more. Agile marketing moves fast but smart. It does not get bogged down in the waterfall process of planning, writing, designing, approving, and launching — a process that seems to take twice as long as it should and produces predictable results. Agile marketing is quick but effective. Can you describe your marketing this way?

Today’s best marketers aren’t boring. In fact, they’re inspiring. They’re versatile. Great marketers act more like Swiss Army knives than hammers. No matter the situation, they can pull out a useful tool can get the job done. They’re agile, and you need them on your team.

Marketing has entered a new age. Sitting at our fingertips is technology so advanced and so diverse that we can reach customers in every corner of the globe, in any situation, target our advertising, and engage them on social media — all at exactly the same time. That thought overwhelms some agencies. It empowers us.

Do you remember what happened during the Super Bowl in 2013? Minutes into the second half, the lights went out in the Louisiana Superdome. Total darkness. The international television broadcast stopped. For 34 agonizing minutes, on a day advertisers spent millions for 10 second TV clips, there was nothing. I imagine the panic was intense for some. But the great marketers? They responded with greatness. They assessed the situation quickly, stayed calm, switched direction, and reached their audience on the channels that were still active. Their last-minute campaigns will be remembered for ages because of it. That’s agile marketing at its finest. Ask yourself, could your current strategy meet such demand?

The ability to move fast, to be transparent, to be more creative, to adapt strategies, to make good decisions quickly: These are our goals. The question is, are they yours?