An exciting new chapter for this longstanding company.

Blythe Development, a major builder of roads, bridges, aviation projects, and sitework in the Carolinas, has become an employee-owned company. The family-driven company whose roots date back to 1921, is now 100% employee-owned after closing its new Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) at the end of March.

The ESOP allowed founders and twin brothers Jack and Frank Blythe to complete their retirement transition while retaining its executive team led by Luke Blythe, Joey Dodson, and Stoney Bumgardner.

We started working with Blythe Development in May 2023.  Our work commenced with internal discovery efforts designed to uncover their brand perceptions and values.  While Blythe had been a quiet marketer and often confused with Blythe Construction, a company Jack and Frank had sold more than 35 years ago, we quickly uncovered a rich set of operating and management principles we coined The Blythe Way.

At Blythe, we believe successful projects are a function of execution and sound planning including the resources and team required for success. Recognizing the needs of our clients, employees, partners, and the community in all we do, we work to make sure we always deliver on our commitments and promises.

This set of principles is fundamentally built upon the concept of respect and appreciation for all who Blythe does business with including clients, partners, and Blythe employees.  These values and practices have allowed Blythe to build longstanding relationships with customers and employees who realize that Blythe is a place that understands the significance of providing a place where one can grow and enjoy a career. Blythe Development Co.