Can LinkedIn Influencers Boost Your Online Brand?

Plus What a LinkedIn Influencer is and What They Do

I can’t stress enough how important authenticity is to your marketing strategy.

Today’s consumers don’t just want to be sold to. They want to make real connections with your brand. 

I’ve often talked about the role influencers can play in your marketing. They boost and amplify your content, diversify your audience, and bring more awareness to your brand. But they do it in a very authentic and real way. In fact, many people view recommendations from influencers as a recommendation from a close friend. 

You are probably very familiar with the idea of influencers on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, which is great for B2C (business to consumer) marketing.

But have you heard of influencers on LinkedIn, a B2B (business to business) marketing platform? 

They do exist! Let’s take a look at what these influencers are doing on the platform and if they can help boost your brand online.

Who are LinkedIn Influencers?

Also known as a “LinkedInfluencer,” these individuals are people who have mastered the art of thought leadership and content strategy on the B2B platform. These people are active LinkedIn community members, often sparking thoughtful conversations with their audience. However, they aren’t your typical businessperson. Rather than carrying a briefcase to work each day, they are indeed content creators. 

But how can they boost your online brand? 

What can a LinkedIn Influencer do for My Brand?

So what exactly does a LinkedIn influencer do for other brands? LinkedIn isn’t like TikTok where an influencer holds up a product and talks about why they love it while also using it. Sure, a LinkedIn thought leader can do that for you, but some other ways you can utilize a relationship with them include inviting them to be a guest on your blog, having them be a guest on your podcast or webinar, having them write up an article about your company or product on other forums and outlets (like their own blog or online publications). 

The sky is the limit with LinkedIn influencers! But the end goal should always be to spark thoughtful conversations and awareness around your brand. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a partnership with a LinkedIn influencer.

Organic Reach

Opportunity abounds on LinkedIn for organic reach. LinkedIn isn’t as saturated with influencers yet as other platforms are. Plus, the way the platform works, it’s easier to get a better ROI (return on investment) building a personal brand on LinkedIn compared to other channels. This means that thought leaders, or influencers, on the platform can have major organic reach. 


Their natural thought leadership can spark engagement on their posts or at your events. Engagement is what helps build a community around your brand. That community is what brings authenticity to your company and makes consumers of your brand feel important, making them more likely to purchase and become loyal customers of your brand.


A backlink is a link to your website or blog on another platform. Increasing your backlinks increases your SEO (search engine optimization) score. Backlinks signal to search engines that your content is both valuable and trustworthy. When a LinkedIn influencer endorses your product or collaborates with you, encourage them to share a link back to your site. This not only ups your SEO score, but can increase conversions (link clicks) to a wider audience. 


Finally, the most important thing a LinkedIn influencer brings to your brand is authenticity. They have mastered the art of authenticity and storytelling. Often, these thought leaders talk about your product or company in a way that provides thoughtful discussion, tips, and other forms of rich content. This free, valuable information is what builds trust and genuine relationships with consumers, and your brand is along for that ride! 

Let’s Discuss Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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