Email Marketing can Grow Your Blog

Plus How Using Both can Help Grow Your Business

We like to think of each aspect, or tactic, of a marketing strategy as different musicians in an orchestra. 

On their own, each instrument creates just one portion of the notes on the page in the conductor’s score. But together, they create a symphony that delights the listener.

Social posts, blog posts, email newsletters, and other tactics in your overall strategy should also work together in concert to delight your audience. 

Omnichannel tactics build upon one another and each can help the other grow. In this case, we’ll be looking at how email marketing can help grow your blog and the positive benefits that can bring to your organization.

Growing Your Blog Audience

While SEO is a great way to get your blog articles found organically on the internet, one of the best ways to grow your blog views and readership is by including a teaser for a blog post in your newsletter.

The goal is to create a compelling CTA (call to action) in your newsletter that teases what the person will get from reading your blog. Then include a button or link for them to read more. This drives traffic to your site and the number of views each blog article gets. 

Growing your Business

Using email newsletters to drive traffic to your blog can grow your business and lead to sales because blogs are a great way to build authority and trust with your audience. Trust is a key element of improving conversion rates; your readers feel less like they are being sold to and more like you are communicating important information to them. 

Tips to Better Leverage Your Blogs and Email Newsletters

In order to get the most out of teasing your blogs in email newsletters, here are a few tips you should follow.

  • Pair your blog teaser in your newsletter with an eye-catching and compelling image. This will catch the readers’ attention, encouraging them to read the teaser and subsequently click on the link to your blog article. 
  • Keep your teaser text short and to the point. Emails shouldn’t be long and wordy, so keep all aspects of your newsletter, including the teaser for your blog, short and sweet. Use the same kind of writing tactics as you would for social posts, piquing readers’ attention and encouraging them to click for more. 
  • Each blog article should be content rich. This means providing something of value in each article, such as educational information, behind-the-scenes looks, or a product tutorial. This helps build trust and doesn’t come across as overly salesy or spammy.
  • Include links in your blog articles. Be sure to link to other pertinent blog posts, product pages, and more to bring your audience further down the sales funnel. This can also help boost your site’s SEO ranking for additional organic views!

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Final Thoughts

All of your marketing tactics should work together and complement one another. In other words, each tactic shouldn’t live in a vacuum. Your marketing should also work in concert with other aspects of your business, particularly sales. Taking this type of holistic marketing approach ensures that all of your efforts maximize conversions and profits. 

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