How Attuned is Different from Other Marketing Firms

Our Fresh Ideas and Strategies can Help Bring Life to Your Marketing Program

Many marketing agencies are focused solely on providing services on a fee or commission basis. Often, they go through the motions of providing that service. But Attuned Marketing does things differently–it’s in our DNA!

 So how is Attuned different from other marketing firms?

And how can Attuned help your brand?

 Attuned DNA: How We are Different from Other Marketing Firms

Rather than just focusing on providing a service, Attuned is an invested partner. We focus on long-term value and results and are willing to be paid on a performance basis. Here are all the ways we are different from other marketing firms.

 1 | We aren’t a one trick pony. We help consider every part of your marketing program including brand strategy, creative, social media, digital, sales support and video. 

 2 | We take a holistic approach. We work hard to add value in many ways that is not typical of most marketing firms. Some of the non-typical aspects of marketing that we’ve helped clients with include assisting with new products and services, helping with creative partnerships and alliances, sales presentation and sales support, and even personnel/talent recruitment!

 3 | We get real results. The Attuned model of proven virtual partners has demonstrated its advantages including results, quality, accountability and cost effectiveness while leveraging client resources. 

 4 | We roll with the punches. We are nimble, agile, collaborative team players invested in the relationships with our clients and their long-term success through the use of creative, holistic strategies. 

 5 | We provide leadership, direction and creative strategy. Our clients are able to depend on us to help them connect and maximize the various elements of their marketing program. This makes us the perfect fit for brands of many sizes, but especially for small businesses and organizations who have had some success and are still lean and entrepreneurial. 

 6 | We follow the verticals. Attuned has the rate capability and even willingness to connect branding, marketing content and promotion to results and sales. 

 How Attuned can Help Your Brand

So, what does all this mean for being able to help your brand succeed in your marketing efforts? It means that we are an invested partner that is willing to take things to a different level, strategically, creatively and growth-wise. 

 Our holistic approach and methods help many clients who are stuck in a marketing rut. Our clients know where they want to go, but do not know how to evolve their marketing strategies to fulfill their needs and ultimate goals. Often, our clients are stuck in this rut because they are using stale content, doing the same things because it is easy. However, Attuned is the partner that is prepared to dig in and bring fresh ideas and approaches to your marketing. 

 Get Started with a Fresh Approach Today!

Attuned Marketing doesn’t let obstacles and challenges stand in front of client goals. Our dedicated and talented team helps clients break through and attain goals that are game changing and transformative. Contact us today to learn how Attuned can help bring your marketing strategy to life.