How to Hire the Right Marketing Firm

Are you getting overwhelmed with running your business and doing your own marketing? Or perhaps you just aren’t sure how to implement a great marketing program. No matter your reasons, hiring a marketing firm can help save you money, time and headaches.

It is important to choose the right marketing firm for you. But how do you evaluate a marketing firm? Here are our top tips to finding the right marketing firm for you and your brand.

Know Your Goals

You don’t want to come unprepared to your first meeting with a marketing firm. Do your homework and write out what goals you want to achieve and some plans on how you want to reach that goal. Also, know what you want to see out of the relationship with the marketing firm. Doing this work ahead of time can help weed out unethical marketing firms that may try to take advantage of you because if you don’t know what you want or how to get there, they may implement their most expensive plan for you.

Experience and Previous Client Research

Experience and expertise is important. After all, you are handing over the promotion of your brand to an outside group so you want a firm that will make good decisions. Not only do you want to see if they have experience working with a business of your size and industry, but you also want to look for a firm that is well-rounded, meaning they serve businesses in various fields. Being well-rounded means they also have a broad set of knowledge they can draw on. 

Also take a look at their case studies. This will give you an idea of not only their experience, but how legitimate of a marketing agency it is. Seeing if a firm can drive results for a business similar to yours is a good indication that agency may be a good fit for you. If they don’t have specifics on their website that answer your questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to them and see if they have any case studies in your business field. Also look at third-party reviews of that agency when dealing with companies like yours.

Pricing and Services

You want to ensure that your brand is getting value from the services of the marketing firm. Take a look at the pricing but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If the agency you are looking at is advertising low rates, it is probably too good to be true. On the other hand, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for their services either. Look for a firm that charges comparable rates and services to other agencies. 

Speaking of services, take a look at those as well. Do they use marketing templates or do they have custom strategies? Are they a one-stop shop or do they specialize in a handful of services? If they don’t offer a service you need, do they have trusted partners they can refer you to? It’s all about doing your homework and vetting a marketing firm based on your needs and what they can offer you. Also, make sure you read the contract carefully!

Innovation and Adaptability

Don’t be afraid to learn about their marketing process. This can help you to understand their services better, but it can also help you find out if they are innovative and adaptable. If you want a team that excels, they can’t be afraid to lead with ideas and action. This will help you know whether the firm can grow with you or not. 

Getting Along

Though you are handing over the reins of the day-to-day marketing work, you’ll still be working closely with the firm. Make sure you get along with their team to ensure you don’t have any issues further down the road. Even if they have excellent client referrals, no amount of success stories will help overcome a gut feeling of not being able to work with someone.