How to Improve and Better Quantify Your Social Media Results

Are you spinning your wheels but not making any headway with your social media campaigns? Are you just not seeing the boost in conversions you’d like?

Recent trends have shown that social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have become top channels for people looking to research and buy products online. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean sales are an absolute given; you still have to work for them.

But just how can you make your social media boost conversion rates?

How can you use it to generate quality leads?

And what strategies can you use to do all this?

The Importance of the Landing Page

Whether your conversion goal is to get a sale or just to read a blog post, you want to make sure that your landing page is a seamless experience and is mobile-friendly. Remember, most social users are on a mobile device. If you are advertising a product, make sure the link leads directly to that product page. If you are promoting a certain blog post, make sure the link leads directly to that blog post. You get the idea. Don’t forget that your branding should be the same across your website, blog and social media channels, otherwise the customer may be confused and quickly leave your site or blog. 

Make sure to promote your landing pages and don’t hide them on your social channels. For example, you can use Instagram Stories Highlights to promote your landing pages. Curate collections of products and use the link function within stories to take users directly to the landing page of the product you are showing them. 

Publish Quality Content

Be careful with your content strategy. Make sure to publish quality content; it doesn’t matter if you are running a campaign or making a regular social post. People aren’t going to stick around long if you don’t give them quality content. If you have a blog, make sure that you are posting a healthy dose of both “timely” and “timeless” content. 

Some other ways to stand out from the crowd with content is to create infographics (these are huge on Pinterest, but can stand out on other platforms too), share downloadable content and launch your own YouTube channel. Video is one of the most consumed forms of social content. In fact, several studies have shown that including video in your social posts can get you more quality leads and increase conversion rates!

Test, Test, Test

When running campaigns, don’t forget to test your content. In order to get the most out of your testing, change only one element, such as the headline, for each test. This will let you know definitively what works and what doesn’t. 

Thanks to the ever-changing habits of social media users, testing campaigns is an ongoing task. Continually test and change what needs changing. This will ensure you have quality content for your campaigns and will lead to more conversions.

Nurture Those Leads

A nurtured lead is a quality lead! Once you have created quality content that gets you more leads, nurture that lead. Some buyers need a little more of a push to make a conversion so once someone shows interest, don’t get lazy and let that lead gather dust! Keep in touch with these leads by adding them into your lead nurturing campaigns and offer them useful content. What is useful content? Ask yourself, “What are the buyers needs and how can I fill that need?” and you’ll have your answer.