Reframing Sales and Marketing in a Digital World

Challenging Core Beliefs can Revolutionize Your Sales and Marketing

The digital world moves so fast it can literally make your head spin sometimes. 

Not only is technology changing, but consumers change their habits fast too. 

Plus, even the best business leader can become entrenched in deeply held beliefs about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to sales and marketing.

But if you aren’t in the right sales and marketing mindset to meet the changing market realities, it can really derail your business.

When it Might Be Time to Challenge Your Mindset

So what are some warning signs that it might be time to challenge your mindset and reframe your sales and marketing strategies? Here are a few red flags to be aware of:

  • You don’t see as much traffic as you expected.
  • The traffic is converting.
  • Your paid ads are underperforming.
  • Your search engine rankings aren’t improving.
  • Your strategy focuses on too few channels.
  • Your strategy is over a year old.

Challenging your core beliefs requires being brutally honest about your perspective. Give yourself, and especially those around you that you trust and respect, permission to challenge your thinking and whether or not those beliefs are actually attuned to current and future market realities. 

Be open to feeling uncomfortable during this process. Remember, what served us well in the past can lead to unconscious bias and a tendency to repeat those behaviors or find others who agree with us (confirmation bias). In other words, don’t look for a person who will tell you what you want to hear when selecting someone to challenge you on your sales and marketing mindset. 

Reframing Your Sales and Marketing in a Digital World

Reframing your perspective when it comes to sales and marketing is about adopting proven digital leader traits. It requires changing your conceptual and/or emotional viewpoint with which you view your sales and marketing. You need to find a new viewpoint or frame of reference that fits the reality of your marketing and sales. This helps create the new context for the change that is required to take your sales and marketing game to the next level. 

Try studying how successful leaders disrupt the digital landscape and how those tactics can be applied to your own business strategies. Networking with other leaders can give you opportunities to learn and grow, and it may even help you find someone to challenge your ingrained marketing beliefs.

Hiring an experienced marketing agency that isn’t afraid to think outside of the box, switch up tactics, and take a holistic approach that envelopes sales and other business aspects with your marketing can really help you break through the digital noise. 

Attuned is that holistic, nimble partner that can help you break through. Game changing solutions is what drives us. Interested in learning more? Connect with us today to see how we can help you revolutionize your sales and marketing for the digital world.