The Search for Talent and Building a Great Marketing Team in the Digital Age

Businesses of all sizes throughout the country are waging the war to find talented people who can help them develop new ideas, acquire more customers, and serve the customers they have enlisted. The past decade has been one of unprecedented change as the digital age advances and media environment continues to morph before our eyes and product cycles contract each year in this ultra-competitive and fast work.

Social media and internet marketing have changed the marketing landscape entirely. There is no guarantee that something that worked last week will work next. The search for those who can connect digital marketing tactics with brand strategy and key aspects of the customer experience and client’s business model goes on daily.

Traditional marketing principles including brand differentiation are still relevant and critical foundation elements for all programs. Successful teams must continue to address these fundamental principles while executing them in this vastly different and quickly ever changing media environment.

Many businesses are turning to multi-generational teams with member who are strategic, creative and versatile in this work and thinking. This reminds reminds me of Jim Collins’s recommendation in Good to Great to hire people with great aptitude and character who have the abilities to adapt to new challenges and dynamics as compared to the common practice of hiring skills and knowledge.

Never has the need been greater for critical thinking and versatility including the abilities to collaborate with others and to survey a changing landscape. Successful teams will meld talented people with complementary expertise and perspectives.