Showtime and Converting More Sales

Most businesses we talk to want to grow.

Most want to add more revenues and increase profits.

Many have a good understanding of who their customer is, how they provide value to the customer, and how they deliver their product or service.

All of this is good if they can engage their customer and present their product in a compelling and effective manner.

The problem in so many cases is that the experience, materials, and messages conveyed in presentations, do not rise up to this challenge. In short, their presentations are boring, not compelling, and ineffective.

The alternative is to think of your presentation as Showtime with each message, slide, and portion of the pitch planned and choreographed, engaging the prospect from the outset and building to its close.

Compelling content presented in a fresh and yet informative manner, distilling and making clear your most value to the customer is essential if you are to compete effectively, convert new customers, and grow existing ones.

As you develop this content make sure that your messages align with the motivations of your customers, are differentiated and distinctive from the claims of your competitors, and that the presentation is cohesive and easily followed.

If you follow these principles your presentation should be one that is abundantly clear, cohesive and feels elegantly simple.

It has made it easy for the prospect to understand you and how you can solve their problem and create value.

You will convert more sales, expand your revenues, and make it easier for these customers to be advocates and referral sources themselves.

Do your marketing materials and presentations meet the tests above?

Are you effectively engaging and informing your prospective clients?

If not, you are likely losing attention spans, customers, and sales.