Aldo Products Company

Attuned has worked with numerous B2B and industrial clients working to understand the nuances of their industries and the most effective ways to support their marketing and sales goals.

Attuned assisted Aldo Products, a rapidly growing North Carolina based manufacturer of roof coatings, with brand strategy, internet marketing and creative marketing solutions. Aldo doubled its business with the support of the Attuned team, enabling the team to expand into new facilities in Salisbury, NC.

Aldo’s roof coatings are sold primarily to commercial roofing contractors. The roof coatings industry is very competitive, fragmented and in need of education. Facility management and building owners are the ultimate clientele and are a focus of pull-push marketing tactics. Content marketing including educational messages  addressing the economic, performance and sustainable benefits of roof coatings is a foundation element of the Aldo marketing program in addition to promoting the high quality products and services provided by the company.

Burt Philips and Attuned helped Aldo for nearly eight years in what was the most significant part of our company history. The Attuned team was instrumental in our re-branding and digital marketing efforts supporting our growth and strategic relocation to a new facility.  For any company interested in growth, I suggest getting in touch with Attuned.

Aldo Products Company

Bob Brenk
President, Aldo Products Company, Inc