Storytelling and Community Branding – McLean on Lake Wylie

The problem for McLean on Lake Wylie, a picturesque community located near Charlotte, was that it was part of an untapped and misunderstood part of the Charlotte real estate market. Lake Wylie and Gaston County suffered from decades old stigmas, and as a result, neighborhoods in the area were ignored by many homebuyers and real estate agents

McLean is redefining the Lake Wylie and Gaston market with sales of more than 100 homes each of the past two years and price points not seen in the area before.  McLean’s content marketing speaks to the rich environment, natural legacies and experiences to be enjoyed there.


Attuned has worked with McLean since the community’s initial planing and inception and continues to direct the client’s overall marketing program including social media, internet marketing, advertising, and community relations initiatives in addition to supporting its builder marketing programs.

The McLean marketing program is built upon this foundation of creative and authentic storytelling and community branding, storytelling that has proven engaging for newcomers to the area, locals, and real estate agents alike.

Storytelling is a tremendous tool for engaging audiences and communicating your brand’s richness and value proposition. Story has the power to keep people engaged and to make critical points without “screaming” at your customers as many marketers do.

It can be a source of supporting rich results like those achieved at McLean where record sales and price points are being realized for this pioneering, and yet exceptional community.