Brand Transformation

Transforming communities and creating revitalized and creative brands are tasks and legacies enjoyed by Attuned. Attuned and Philips have played key roles in changing the identities and perceptions of communities that have become examples of public-private cooperation and combining art, architecture, strategic communications and special events.

Meridian Place 

Meridian Place and MoRA

Meridian Place, an evolving mixed use community in Southeast Charlotte, is one of the centerpiece developments in the evolving Monroe Road area now known as MoRA.  Attuned worked with developer Roy Goode of Goode Properties, to create a transformative brand strategy for this community located in area that was languishing eight years ago prior to the launch of Meridian Place.  

Public art has been one of the elements employed in the Meridian Place strategy for development and marketing, a strategy holistic and progressive and includes close work with MoRA on many initiatives. Since its launch, Meridian Place has not only successfully leased its apartment and commercial offerings, it has served as an example of the area’s creativity and resurgence including its recent addition of a brewery and celebrated restaurants and retailers.  


Forward thinking, tailored approaches. That’s really what comes to mind when I think of Attuned. Attuned’s professionals bring a wealth of understanding to the table, not just on what marketing tools are available — web content, print, radio, etc., but how to target and transition those elements through different stages of a campaign. They simply bring life and personality to my projects.

I’m in the redevelopment business. I look at challenged properties, sometimes whole neighborhoods, and envision something completely different. But I need investors and the public to see what I see, to believe that change is possible and right, in order to be successful. Attuned writes the story that changes their minds. That what makes them great.”

–Roy Goode, Goode Properties

Brand Transformation

Roy Goode

Developer - Meridian Place