Stuck in Your Marketing? Attuned can Help!

4 Reasons Your Marketing isn’t Working and How Attuned can Help Solve Your Marketing Woes

Marketing should be a key aspect of your overall business strategy. It helps inform your target audience, it engages them, it helps you build a brand reputation, it can help sell products or services, and it helps with the overall growth of your brand.

But what if you find your marketing just isn’t helping you reach your goals?

Is there something better that you could be doing? 

Are you making mistakes in your marketing strategy?

Attuned has helped many clients who have become stuck in their marketing and there are 4 major issues they tend to encounter when they just aren’t seeing the results they want from the marketing or have hit a plateau. Here are 4 reasons your marketing is stuck in a rut and how Attuned can help.

1 | Your Content is Stale

One of the most common problems with a marketing strategy is that your content is stale. We get it! It’s easy to keep doing the same thing. However, the world of social media and marketing change often and quickly, so when you do the same thing over and over again, you’ll eventually find your brand hitting a plateau in followers, engagement or even sales. 

The solution to your problem is really more than about just fresh ideas. It’s about having an invested partner that can help you brainstorm and really dig in. It’s always great to have another set of minds that can think of marketing ideas that you may not have thought of. Attuned is that partner. But beyond that, we can help you serve your customers better. Often, you may not realize that you are serving multiple client segments that need different strategies. That is where Attuned really shines in helping you create better content.

2 | You Disregard the Emotional Aspect of Making Purchases

What really motivates people to pull the purchase lever, so to speak? You may think that purchases are mainly based on a reasoned decision making process, such as a client has a need for a particular product or service and so they buy that product or service. However, most customers base their purchase decisions on emotions. Some of these emotions that drive purchases include being perceived as accepted, successful, doing the right thing, beautiful, youthful or smart. 

Attuned really focuses on those purchase points for each of our clients. We understand what drives a particular client’s customers and that the multiple emotional drivers may be involved. 

3 | You are Undervaluing or Underinvesting in Marketing

Another common mistake we see is that brands undervalue or underinvest in marketing from the standpoint of money and time. In today’s saturated market, organic content can only take you so far. And if you don’t spend the time to create fresh, eye-catching content (organic or paid), your customers will see that you don’t value them enough to take the time for them.

Attuned understands the importance of investing in marketing; it’s in our DNA! When you work with us, you’ll know that you are working with a marketing firm that truly cares about the success of your brand because we are an invested partner. We put in the time and effort to help ensure that your brand does the right amount of marketing to meet or exceed your goals and that it engages your customers in a positive way. 

4 | You or Your Team Lack the Expertise Needed to Stand Out

Another issue we often see is that a brand’s marketing team feels overwhelmed or lacks the expertise needed to really make the brand stand out. These are often brands with a marketing team who have lower or mid-level expertise that manage and execute materials and promotion, but lack the strategy and the ability to think more creatively.

Attuned has that expertise and creative thinking. We work with our clients in a nimble, aligned and strategic manner. We look at your marketing needs in a holistic manner and take a creative approach to help your brand stand out and advance your goals.


We don’t let obstacles and challenges stand in front of us or our clients’ goals. We are an invested partner that helps clients break through and achieve their vision. With our dedicated and talented team, anything is possible! Contact us today to talk about how Attuned can help your brand get out of a marketing rut and grow your business.