Telling a Brand Story Through Video

Engaging and Emotional Content that Highlights What Makes Your Brand Unique

Two of the most powerful marketing tools are using video and telling your story.

Combining these two tactics can make for highly engaging content that creates deep connections with your target audience. 

The impact of using these two tools together really cannot be understated.  Stories engage us. They are tangible and concrete. We remember them.  Video bring these stories to life, communicating the narrative in an emotional and informative manner.  

What is Storytelling? 

Telling the story of your brand helps build a bridge between you and your audience. It tells the story of what makes your brand unique and what your company stands for. It also appeals to a consumer’s humanity. In other words, storytelling helps build deeper connections on a more emotional level. 

The Power of Stories

Purchase decisions are emotional decisions, so connecting with your audience on an emotional level can help to drive purchase decisions. But it’s about more than just the profits. Storytelling is what makes your brand relatable. It allows your brand to be authentic and that can help you stand out from your competitors. Storytelling is what helps your brand break through and build deep, lasting relationships with your audience.

Storytelling Through Video

We’ve previously given a primer on how to tell your brand’s story in marketing. So if you missed that article, be sure to head over there and check out our steps to help you craft your brand story for your audience. 

Video storytelling, specifically, is a type of video that takes advantage of a specific narrative about your brand to subtly get your marketing message across. It doesn’t put the spotlight on a product, but rather focuses on moving your audience emotionally by trying to relate to them. 

When done right, video storytelling can not only build more meaningful relationships with your audience, but it can also lead to more brand awareness. In other words, it is a powerful tool to help you capture new leads and develop loyal customers. 

The Basics of Video Storytelling

Think of this type of video content as a short film. Just like a short film, your video should build a narrative and communicate that narrative to your audience. Here are some key elements to keep in mind as you plan and craft your video:

  • Plot: What is your narrative and how do you wish to communicate that message? 
  • Purpose: Does your video help solve a problem, offer value, or educate your audience in some way?
  • People: Who are the characters that will play out your narrative and can your audience relate to them?
  • Place: Where does your story take place and does the location connect to your narrative?
  • Audience: Who is your target audience?

Going Deeper with Video Storytelling

Now that you know the basics of what each good storytelling video should have, let’s take a look at three ways you can help tell your brand story with video.


Have a goal in mind. If you are making a video just to make a video, you are missing the point. Ask yourself what you wish to accomplish with your video and what emotions you want to convey. The answers to these questions will help you craft a video that is heavy in purpose and value. 


The visuals must be compelling and help accurately convey what your brand is all about. Every clip should have a purpose and help tell your brand’s story. The clips should also be consistent with your brand. For example, if your branding or aesthetic is light and airy with pastel colors, it wouldn’t make sense to shoot a dark and moody brand story video.


Emotion is the lynchpin of brand storytelling. Your video should inspire your audience to think differently or to take action after watching. The emotion should also be authentic, helping your target audience to believe your message and trust your brand. It is about connecting with someone’s humanity and pulling at heartstrings. Overall, your video should move consumers to feel a certain way about your brand. 

A Marketing Partner

Attuned Marketing believes strongly in the power of storytelling. Video can be incredibly powerful in its ability to engage customers on an emotional level. But we also understand that producing your own video, especially one as important as brand storytelling, can be overwhelming. We can help you craft and produce an effective brand storytelling video. We are a highly invested partner that can help you achieve transformative goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help you craft a unique brand message.