The Candid Craze: Can this New Strategy Help Brands Build Authenticity?

A Look at Whether Brands Should Engage on BeReal or in Other Forms of Candid Content

It’s time to get real about authenticity, friends.

You can no longer “fake it until you make it” in today’s digital world.

Younger generations are searching for brands that are authentic, and for good reason. Brands have known this to an extent for some time–that authenticity builds trust and trust can increase profits.

I have expounded on how brands can be authentic and honest in their overall marketing strategies here often. But what if a trend came along that lended itself to that more authentic marketing? 

What is BeReal?

There is a “candid” craze happening in the digital space right now in response to “fake-tigue” and curated feeds. One of the latest social media apps is called BeReal and has been marketed as an anti-social media alternative that champions authenticity. It’s so popular that it has surpassed TikTok in the number of downloads in app stores. 

Here’s how the app works: Each day you get a push notification on your phone at a random time to take and post an unedited photo. Once you get the notification, you have two minutes to take a photo and post it. The photo is a dual front and back camera, so audiences can see what you are seeing in that moment and what you look like. You aren’t penalized for not posting a photo within those two minutes, but your friends will be able to see how late you were in posting. And you only get to post once a day–no more. You can retake your photo as many times as you need in those two minutes, but users with 10 or more friends will be able to see the number of attempts you took. 

Because BeReal’s alert is random and friends can see if you are late or had to retake your photo, it forces us to be more authentic in what we post. This app was designed with Gen Z in mind and competitors such as TikTok and Instagram have taken notice, introducing their own versions TikTok Now and Instagram Candid Challenge. 

But can this type of candid craze help brands build authenticity with target audiences? 

Building a More Authentic Brand Vibe with Candid Content

Brands can certainly build a more authentic vibe with candid content, whether it’s on BeReal or other platforms. It should be noted that BeReal promises it “won’t make you famous” and that if you want to become an influencer to “stay on TikTok and Instagram.” BeReal eschews the typical algorithm and does not care how many followers you have or if you are verified on other platforms. 

This might seem counterintuitive to brands, but it might also be exactly the reason why you should engage with this candid craze. Instead of pretending to be like your competitors or brands that are popular with your target audience, it’s an opportunity to leverage the qualities that make your brand authentic and unique. 

One of the main questions marketers must ask themselves is, “What do I have to offer that is unique and different from my competitors? And how can that help solve a problem for my target audience?” The uniqueness and authenticity in your marketing is how you propose to solve that problem for your target audience. 

Joining the Candid Conversation

Because each brand is unique, I can’t give you advice on how to use candid posts to market, other than to tell you to be honest and authentic in your content. You don’t have to use BeReal, TikTok Now, or Instagram Candid Challenge, but those functions and platforms are certainly worth trying. You can create authentic content in every form, from showing off behind the scenes to doing Q&A lives. At that heart of that authentic, candid craze is building trust. To learn more about how to build trust online with your target audience, check out our primer on building trust and authenticity

Think Outside of the Box

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