The Five Most Common Mistakes Marketers Make

Are you not getting the results you’d like to see from your marketing campaigns? Are you stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out?

Many marketers make some common mistakes that can prevent them from getting better results from their campaigns. 

So what are these common marketing pitfalls?

How do you avoid them? 

And, what can be done instead to make your marketing campaigns better?

1 | Disregard of Goal Setting and Strategizing

Many marketers just want to jump right into it, forgetting to set specific and measurable goals for each marketing campaign. We get it, it can be exciting to get your campaigns set up and watch the data roll in, but doing the hard work beforehand will improve your marketing campaigns by leaps and bounds.

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Each campaign should have only one goal; asking your customers to complete more than one action (like signing up for your email list and making a purchase) is too much. Start by identifying one goal, strategize how you want to achieve that goal, then do this for each campaign you run. This planning will help you to focus your efforts and it will be more effective in getting potential customers to take action. 

2 | Not Doing Enough Research and Testing

Don’t skimp on doing your research and testing. You need to understand exactly who you are speaking to and where they are within their lifecycle with you (think new customer vs. repeat customer). You also need to understand if you will be using a broad audience or a more narrow audience to meet your specific goal. 

Once you have done the research to identify your audience, it’s time to do some testing to tailor your audience for each campaign. Don’t just assume that the first parameters you set for your marketing campaign are the end all be all; you have to be willing to adjust your audience to find out what works best for each campaign.

3 | Not Being Consistent

Marketing is about consistency. First, it is important that you have the same look, feel and tone across all of your platforms. When you are consistent, your audience can see something of yours on any platform and instantly recognize it as your brand.

Being consistent also means delivering on your promises from start to finish. Remember, your marketing is often the initial impression customers have of your brand, but you have to meet the expectations that you set in your marketing as well. 

4 | Relying Too Heavily on Buzzwords

Buzzwords are catchy and we all want to be part of a major trend, but don’t rely too heavily on these buzzwords or catchy phrases. That’s not to say that you can’t refer to yourself as a “mompreneur” at all, you just don’t want to overdo it. It’s important to understand that as these buzzwords become more popular, they begin to have less impact, often because people will simply start to tune them out. So use these buzzwords sparingly and when you do, pair them with other words that will make you stand out from the crowd and prove why you are unique. 

5 | Not Addressing Potential Customers’ Needs

In the end, it is all about the customer and their needs, not about you and how great you are (though we are sure you’re pretty great)! Your marketing should focus on what your customers need and want. Ask yourself, what problems do they need solved and how can I solve that problem for them? In other words, find out what your customers’ needs are (here is where research and testing comes into play), fill it and do it better than anyone else can. Focusing on your customers’ needs will not only help you have a strong understanding of your customers, but it will also help you attract repeat customers!