The Power of Email Marketing and Permission

Unlocking the Power of Consent Marketing

We all receive hundreds of emails a day.

Sometimes you may get something in your inbox from a company and wonder how in the world they got your email.

Let’s be real. That kind of strategy can be downright annoying. 

So why do some businesses buy lists of emails to send their marketing newsletters to? Because in reality, it really isn’t effective–at all. 

It’s like throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. This can be both time consuming and costly and in the end, doesn’t really give the intended result. 

When you send an email that someone didn’t opt in to getting, they will likely throw your email in the junk or trash folders rather than reading it. In other words, sending someone an email without their permission isn’t going to help grow your audience or consumer base. It’s only going to annoy the recipient.

The Power of Permission in Email Marketing

In today’s online world, building and maintaining strong relationships with a foundation of trust is crucial for your brand’s success. So save money and don’t buy the lists of emails. Sending an email to someone who didn’t ask for it isn’t going to help you build a relationship of trust between consumer and brand. 

Instead, a successful email marketing strategy utilizes opt-in consent from your subscribers. This ensures that you are sending emails only to the individuals who have given permission to receive your marketing emails. When you only send emails to those who have given their consent, you are able to build trust with those individuals. And trust leads to more conversions!

The Benefits of Opt-In Email Marketing

Let’s delve a bit more into the benefits of permission-based email marketing. 

1 | Lower Spam Risk

Getting permission means your email isn’t considered spam and the recipient doesn’t get the feeling they are being solicited. When a person gives you permission to email them, they are more likely to stay subscribed and to buy. On top of that, you avoid the risk of getting reported to the Federal Trade Commission, where the fine is over $41,000 per email.

2 | Higher ROI

Because your subscribers are actually interested in what you have to say and the services or products you offer, you see unbelievably high ROI (return on investment) rates. People will actually open your emails. The average permission-based open rate is 20 percent, which doesn’t sound high, but that is actually really good when you consider how many emails a person gets each day. And not only are they more willing to open your email, but they are more likely to click and more likely to buy! 

3 | Strengthens Your Brand

Permission-based email marketing can strengthen your brand awareness, rather than destroy it. People who have signed up to receive your emails want to stay informed and get exclusive permissions. 

Key Takeaways

When you send marketing emails to subscribers who actually gave permission, you know you are speaking to people that are interested in your brand and what you have to offer. Be sure to keep your emails full of relevant content and to follow other email marketing best practices. By speaking to already-interested target audiences, you’ll continue to build trust, strengthen your brand, and see a higher ROI, without worrying about your emails hitting the spam folder. 

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