Tips for Incorporating Video Into Your Social Media Strategy

Video Basics Plus Ideas to Use in Your Marketing Strategy

Video is a powerful tool for marketing. When done well, videos see higher audience engagement. This higher engagement allows you to build a relationship with them, helping you move your target audience down the sales funnel more easily. 

But what makes for a good video?

And what is the best way to share them?

Let’s take a look at those answers. 

Social Media Video Basics

Before you dive into the world of video making and editing, there are a few things you need to know, or should brush up on. 

Video Specs

The specs, like the ratio and size of the file, for each platform are a little different. This is also true for video ads on the social platforms as well. Not only is it different from platform to platform, sometimes a platform’s specs can change. Make sure that you research the platform’s latest specs before starting in on a new video.

Equipment and Editing

Make sure that you have what you need in order to get started. Often, a phone with a camera is all you need, but some other things you may need are a camera tripod, lights, and video editing software. You may also need a higher quality camera than your phone’s camera depending on the look you are going for. For example, if you are going for a polished look, make sure that you have the lighting equipment and camera to achieve that. And lastly, make sure that you also get comfortable and familiar with the editing software that you’ll be using before you set yourself any hard deadlines to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Strategy and Tips

Develop a Strategy

As you probably already know, jumping in without a strategy is not the best idea. Here are a few things you should consider when developing your video marketing strategy.

What is the purpose of your video? 

Do you have a new product to showcase? Is it for entertainment? Or is it to build a better brand relationship with your audience? Being clear about the purpose and your goal will help you create better video content.

Which platform? 

Not only do the different platforms require different specs, but they also have a different feel. For example, TikTok is very casual while Instagram users enjoy highly polished (non-live) content. It’s also important to know if a platform has a time limitation that you need to take into consideration. Remember that no matter the platform, live videos don’t need to be super polished. It’s part of the appeal of an in-the-moment format. 

What is the value you are adding? 

Your videos should always give something of value to your audience to help you with your marketing goals. Reposting a popular video may get you likes, but it’s not adding to your overall presence. Instead, think of what problem your audience has and how you can solve it. Do they need information you have? Do they need a product you have? Each video you make should give something that your audience needs. 

Tips for Using Video

Here are a few ideas to help you use video in your marketing strategy.

Make Teasers

If your video is about a big announcement, consider teasing your upcoming video. Or, you can also use videos as teasers, like with behind-the-scenes content that give your audience a little peek at the creative process. 

Embed it in Blogs

If you have a blog, consider having coordinating videos with that blog. Your audience these days has a limited attention span. Video can be more entertaining than just reading text and it can also get information across faster to your audience. Adding video to your blogs also makes your post more engaging and shareable. 

Interviews and Employee Features

Featuring your employees is a fun way to engage with your audience and put a face with the company. Have them answer some fun questions for your audience to get to know them. Or consider interviewing a thought leader or influencer in your field to build trust with your audience.

Utilize Listicles

This form of video makes digesting information easier for your audience. Well done informational videos like this are also highly shareable, helping boost your engagement. So whether you have a list of your top 10 cooking mistakes or a list of your top 5 vacation spots, consider incorporating animated text in your video to help break it all down.

Pump up Your SEO

Don’t neglect SEO in your videos. Make sure that you include relevant keywords in your file name, title, video description, tags, captions, links and alt text. This will help increase new people discovering you organically. 

Analyze It

And of course, no social media strategy ends after you post your content. Make sure you analyze your video’s data and stats to find out what works and what doesn’t. This will help inform your future videos. 


Sharing highly engaging content is a great way to grab people’s attention and there is nothing more engaging than a well-done video. By understanding your goals and following some of these tips, you’ll be able to create meaningful engagement on your content that helps reach your marketing goals.