Using Content Pillars to Build a Social Media Strategy

The Benefits of Using Content Pillars, Plus Tips to Get You Started

I know that as a business owner, it can be overwhelming to think about your social media strategy on top of accomplishing all the other day-to-day tasks you have to do to run your business. 

Then add in trying to create new and different content each week and it’s easy to see why creating social media content can be so overwhelming and exhausting. 

But if you have ever felt uninspired when developing content, or have no idea what to post, you are missing a key ingredient that will take your social media strategy from good to great.

That key ingredient is content pillars.

What are Content Pillars?

Whether you refer to them as content pillars, content categories, or content buckets, they are essentially core topics that form the foundation of what you share and discuss on social media. In other words, they are the key themes that your audience can expect to see from you consistently.

The Benefits of Employing Content Pillars

Designing content around a few key themes or topics gives you clear focus. It enables you to create more relevant content for your audience. When your content is of interest to your target audience, they are more likely to interact with it, which can increase your social media engagement. 

Furthermore, it hones in on your branding, making you the go-to source for specific information and topics. This enables you to stand out in a crowded online world, even helping you gain clarity on your niche. By showing your audience that you are an expert in a specific area or topic, it can help your audience grow faster and it can build trust between you and your target audience. 

But content pillars can also make it easier to plan and schedule your content! Think of content pillars as a roadmap for your social strategy. By planning and scheduling out your content in advance, you can stay more organized and free up time for other business related tasks. A month in advance is generally the sweet spot for most businesses. 

It’s important to remember that your content pillars are specific to your business. A restaurant is not going to have the same types of content pillars as a school. To determine your content pillars, think about your brand and the categories your brand falls into. How would you describe your business and the service or product that you offer? Once you have defined your content pillars, ideas will most likely begin to flow naturally, so jot down any good ideas you have. 

Tips for Creating Content Around Your Pillars

It’s likely that you already have content pillars that you have been creating content for–you just haven’t identified them on paper yet. So creating content based on your content pillars will be easier than you think. But there are a few tips to help you get started.

First, mark or write down important dates. This could be product launches, webinars, or company events. Then begin to integrate the content that you already have that resonates with your audience and aligns with your pillars. There’s no need to completely reinvent the wheel here!

Then fill in the rest of the days with any ideas you jotted down based on your content pillars. Be picky about what you decide to use! You only want to use the best ideas for content as this will be the most effective content. 

Then spend a day creating and scheduling your content!

Final Thoughts

Content pillars are literal support structures for your social media strategy. These core topics can help you define your brand, stand out from the crowd, and deliver more effective, engaging content to your audiences.

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