Ways Your Website can Help Sell Your Brand

You’ve probably heard me say before that your website is your digital calling card or business card. 

It’s up 24/7 and is one of the first things people see when interacting with your brand online.

But we aren’t here to talk about how to make your website look better or the things every website needs. We are looking at the next step–using your website to market your brand. 

Let’s look at the top ways to market your brand using your website.

1 | Sharing Rich Content

A blog is the perfect place to serve up rich content to your audience. When your blog links back to your website or is hosted on your website, it can also increase your SEO score. Adding in links in your posts to products or services you sell can also drive traffic back to the retail portion of your site, increasing your ROI (return on investment).

However, you can’t just let your blog exist and hope that people find it and visit it. You have to share it on your other channels. Feature your most popular or newest blog posts on the homepage of your website. Share your latest blog posts on your social channels, making sure to let people know what they will get out of reading your post. This will help position you as a thought leader in your industry, build trust, and keep your audience coming back for more. 

2 | Building Thought Leadership

Speaking of thought leadership, don’t forget to add links to high-authority websites in your blogs too. When you do, you can show that you are clued into what is going on in your industry. This is especially helpful for industries such as tech and the medical fields. As a bonus, it can boost your SEO score as well. 

Sharing these thought leadership blogs from your site can further elevate you among your target audience. It helps build trust with them and it shows that your brand is a trusted source of information they can keep coming back to. 

3 | Sharing What Makes Your Brand Unique

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Your website most likely contains listings for a product or service that you want people to buy. But more importantly, these listings are the perfect showcase of what your brand has to offer and what makes your brand unique. 

When you share specific listings from your website on other digital channels, you are able to take full advantage of that showcase.  

4 | Driving Engagement 

There are a few ways you can drive engagement on your site to market your brand. The first is allowing people to leave comments on your blog. This can increase your website ranking and it builds community. Don’t forget to comment back, though!

Second, make sure the share buttons are prominent and easy to spot on your website and blog pages. Allowing visitors to share your pages or posts is an easy way to drive word-of-mouth marketing. This type of marketing is extremely powerful. Not only does it showcase your site or blog, but you’re letting others do the talking for you, which is seen as a recommendation from a friend. If you see someone has shared your site or post, leave a like or a comment to let them know you appreciate the love!

5 | Creating a Space for Community 

Finally, if you have a space on your site for letting others share content or their thoughts, cultivate that community and connection. These spaces can be a place to upload photos to a shared gallery, leave comments, participate in a forum, or even leave a review. To build community, showcase what your visitors share. These include sharing images that are uploaded to your community gallery, thanking someone for a positive testimonial on your channels, and other opportunities to spotlight what your fans are sharing about your brand. This will further encourage others to share their own thoughts or images, bringing in new audiences and deepening connections. 

Final Thoughts

Remember that every brand’s website is different and unique to that brand. These are just a few ideas to help you get started using your website to market your brand. Not all of these tips will work for all brands, so be sure to use what works for you. 

If you need help developing a strategy to market your brand, Attuned would love to help! We are more than just a virtual agency, Attuned is a highly invested and nimble partner dedicated to growing your brand and achieving transformative goals. Contact us today to find out more.