Why Breaking Out is Essential and Some Powerful Examples

As marketers, we have a simple choice – either to create a distinctive brand and value proposition and break out or the choice to sell price and convenience. While the latter is easier and does not require the investment of time that breaking out does, it comes with inherent limitations and risks, downsides that are magnified in this era of accelerating competition, change, and disruption.

Alternatively defining and delivering a clear value proposition supports higher margins and profits as well as the ability to compete effectively as other firms try to attack your niche and steal your customers. customers.

Breaking out means being memorable, favored, referred, and part of many consumers’ identities and weekly habits.

While it is easier to take the road of comfort and conformity, I encourage you to dig deeper with
your team, to understand how you can deliver a remarkable product or service to your customer while upholding your values.

A few examples of great brands and breaking out

While they are not Attuned clients I get inspiration from these brands below. I hope you can as well. Observing what others are doing can give us ideas of how we can set our brands apart, stay relevant, and be known.

Chick Fil-A: Just another fast food joint? Hardly! This chain has set itself apart with high-quality fare and the friendliest service in the business. They also create scarcity by being closed on Sundays. While this is in line with their values (another way they are set apart), this also builds anticipation for when you CAN get their food.

Peloton: They’re SO MUCH more than just a bike. They’ve not just built a great piece of equipment, but they’ve built an online culture around the equipment that encourages participation, accountability, and fun. They also have multiple ways to engage with their programs, including the full package with the bike and all, as well as access to just the classes for less than the cost of a few lattes each month!

Classica Homes: Our friends at Classica have built a culture around their commitments to design and customer satisfaction. They aren’t all things to all people, but instead, they focus on only the luxury segment and their award-winning designs.

Trader Joe’s: Visit Trader Joe’s, and you are treated more like a friend than a customer. At TJS, they take a whole different path than most grocers as they get to know their customers and give the customers what they want. Easy as that – and their customers come back time and time again for the unique, well-sourced products that they can only get from Trader Joe’s.

All of these brands have built up almost cult-like followings of customers who love what they offer. They could easily get the same end product or service in multiple other places, but there’s something about their experience with these brands that is special.

It’s up to YOU, today, to decide how you’re going to make our own brand experience special to your audience!