Why Video Marketing is Still the King

5 Reasons Why Video is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Video marketing is powerful because the social platforms are really pushing it over other forms of content. 

It’s the single most important digital marketing strategy no matter the platform you use because it has revolutionized marketing. 

Beyond that, users crave this type of content, meaning video is here to stay. Even the New York Times has stated that we live in a “post-text” world, as consumers prefer to not read walls of text or receive pushy sales emails. 

Here are the reasons why video marketing is the most powerful form of digital marketing.

1 | It’s Content Rich Marketing 

Social media users are savvy. Gone are the days of people putting up with dry or pushy sales pitches. Rather, they want to know how your brand will improve their lives or what you can do for them. This is where rich content comes into play.

Rich content provides value to your audience; it informs them or entertains them. It goes beyond selling a product or service to your target audience and instead, tells them how to use a product, why they need to care about something, or makes them feel a part of something bigger by including them in the behind the scenes. 

Here are just a few ideas to help make your videos content rich:

  • Feature an employee or let them do a takeover for a day on your business accounts; this helps your audience get to know the faces behind the company name
  • Do a product or service Q&A on a Live, which allows you to interact in real time with your audience
  • Do a tutorial that shows your audience how to use a product
  • Give information about your business or your industry that can help educate your users about a specific topic

Beyond providing value to your audience, content rich marketing is ripe for sharing across multiple channels. You can save a live video in your replays and then share it in a newsletter. Or you can share that YouTube video to Facebook, or a TikTok video to your Instagram Stories or Reels!  

2 | It’s Engaging

Video is the single most engaging form of content you can share. If you check your analytics, the numbers prove that engaging content resonates more with your target audience. Engaging content is more than just getting a like on something you’ve shared. People are more likely to comment on your videos and share them with their friends. This increases your post’s visibility organically, helping you expand your reach. 

3 | It Builds Trust

Because you are connecting with your target audience on an emotional level with videos, you can use it as a powerful medium to build trust. Creating an emotional bond is what makes a person want to do business with your organization. Videos can help you build likeability and trust, increasing your chances of not only winning new customers but building loyal ones who return again and again for what you have to offer. 

4 | It Improves SEO

Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook aren’t the only ones that love video; so do search engines like Google! Did you know that a website is 53 times more likely to make the first page of Google search results if it includes a video? This is because video is so engaging for site visitors that they are more likely to stay on your site longer, which is something that helps your SEO ranking. Platforms make it easy to embed a video you’ve shared right into your website, so there’s literally no excuse to not do this! 

5 | It Drives Traffic and ROI

We previously mentioned that consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a branded video. Let’s delve into that a little more. A high-quality, powerful brand video can help drive qualified leads to your business. By including video in your marketing cycle, you’ll get more robust data about how a potential customer interacts with your brand. This is essential to understanding a buyer’s journey and creating a successful marketing strategy based on that data. 

When done successfully, a good marketing video can give you a big return on investment (ROI). These days you don’t need to hire a production company to make a great video! All you need is a plan, a phone, some good lighting, and a little editing know-how. It is important to remember that some platforms are okay with videos that aren’t perfect, such as TikTok, where users prefer a more informal and laid-back approach. Also, in order to drive traffic and conversions, you need a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that encourages your audience to take action. 

Final Thoughts

Video is still king in digital marketing. By utilizing video, you can engage your audience on a deeper level, build trust and loyalty, and even improve your SEO by including it on your website. But more importantly, a well-made video can drive traffic and conversions, helping you meet your marketing goals. 

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