Why You Should Stay Flexible in Your Marketing Tactics

And Just How to Do That!

Flexibility is crucial in marketing. This may seem counterintuitive to all the “consistency is key” reminders. However, the ability to be flexible in your marketing tactics takes good marketing into the realm of great marketing. 


Why is flexibility important?

How does being flexible work while maintaining consistency?

And how can you be flexible in your own approach?


Let’s dive into those answers!


We need to be willing to be nimble. While strategies often have more permanence, the tactics can change as needed. Strategy often speaks to the bigger picture and bigger plan for your marketing. That strategy ends up being more foundational and consistent. However, how we play out that strategy can, and should, change as it needs to to help you be successful in your strategy.


Why You Should Be Flexible in Your Marketing Tactics

Our world is constantly changing and so are consumer habits; just think of how quickly everyone had to adapt to changes brought on by the 2020 pandemic, as an example. What once worked today may not work as well a month from now. In order to be successful, you have to be willing to change it up a bit. 


Another reason is that stale content can lead to lower engagement, which results in lower success. You have to be willing to throw a curveball into the mix every once in a while or be willing to look at things with fresh eyes and new ideas, keeping your content fresh and not being afraid to experiment.


How can You Be Both Consistent and Flexible?

Consistency is still key in marketing, even when being flexible. Consistency is showing up regularly (i.e. a consistent posting schedule and engaging with comments in a timely manner) as well as being clear about who you are as a brand. In other words, you need to keep the core of your brand consistent. Flexibility is about evolving with time and trends to better meet and target your audiences’ needs. When combined, you can create a powerful and more engaging strategy that is more likely to increase conversions. 


Remember, your overall strategy is a road map. That doesn’t mean your route is set in stone; you might have detours or alternate routes that you need to be willing to take. 


How to Be Flexible in Your Tactics

There are multiple ways that you can be flexible in your marketing, both for meeting the changing needs of your audience and evolving trends. 


Dynamic Logos: Dynamic logos allow you to adapt for various platforms. Different platforms have different ratio or size requirements so having the ability to adapt your logo easily to display properly on different platforms is key. You also want a logo that can be simplified for a small screen. Another form of having a dynamic logo is changing up aspects of your logo for specific celebrations or events. For example, during Pride month, many companies will add rainbow colors to their logo on social platforms. 


Pay Attention to Searches: Knowing what people are searching for online can give you clues for where trends are heading in your industry and what is important to consumers. By watching the data using tools like Google Analytics or SEM Rush, you can stay ahead of the curve by using it to inform your overall marketing activity. 


Fast Media Trends: Not only do you want to pay attention to what people are searching, but also watch overall media trends. What types of media are people interested in? TikTok can be one of the biggest examples of this with different challenges (like a hashtag) coming and going within a week or less! Here, you want to adapt your visual identity to capture or recapture your audiences’ attention. Make sure that when you adapt your visual identity, you still keep the core of your brand consistent so that people know it’s your business as soon as they see your post. And don’t be afraid to experiment a little!


Regularly Watch Your Analytics: We talk about analyzing your data often. While you should check in with it consistently (weekly or more often), you can’t be afraid to change based on your data. If you see engagement falling, switch up the content you are sharing to re-engage your followers. If you see that the time you are posting is no longer the best time and you aren’t getting as many views, make sure you start posting at a new time. 


Work with the Pros

If you are looking for fresh ideas with a holistic approach, consider working with the pros! Attuned is different from other marketing firms because we are truly invested in your long-term success. We aren’t afraid to think outside of the box and bring fresh ideas to the table or consider other aspects as part of a larger strategy. We are known for being nimble, agile and collaborative team players. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you integrate flexibility into your marketing strategy.