Your Website Needs an Overhaul and Here’s Why

4 Reasons Why New Website Design is More Impactful for Your Brand’s Online Efforts

Your website is an important extension of your brand. Think of it like the main public face of your business that is up 24/7, or your calling card. 

When a website is outdated, slow, or doesn’t stick to branding, it can have a negative impact on your overall business. It can also make it much more difficult to market your brand effectively.

There are billions of websites worldwide, but even within a niche industry, you can have a lot of competition. When your website has poor design and SEO, it can make it even harder to compete for your target audience. 

Beyond the top line, broad impacts of decreasing profits, and making it hard to market your brand, here are some other reasons why your website needs an overhaul.

It’s More Engaging

Updated websites utilize newer technology and design standards to create a more engaging experience. In fact, newer website designs can be very interactive! They also have a bigger focus on visuals. If you have spent any amount of time marketing on social media platforms, you know just how important visuals are. Social posts with images perform much better than those with no images. The same goes for websites with more images. Your audience wants to be shown what you can offer them, not just told through text copy. 

It’s Easier to Use

Old websites often have cumbersome navigation and don’t work well on mobile devices. In today’s on-the-go society, having a website that not only is easy to use on a computer but also tablets and smartphones is a must. A clean interface allows for a more intuitive flow through content on your site. This makes it easier for visitors to move around your site without getting lost and abandoning the page due to frustration.

It’s More Professional

Sites that are outdated look like they were done in a hurry, which doesn’t lend a sense of professionalism. Modern website design can improve your brand image with a sleek, modern design that gives a good first impression! This leads to less page abandonment and encourages people to return-visit your site. 

It’s More Impactful

Up-to-date website design has a significant impact because it can more effectively reach customers along every step of their journey, from lead to loyal customer. Newer websites can also help facilitate a multi-channel approach that allows you to tie all of your marketing efforts together and create a more effective sales pipeline that increases your profits. 

4 Signs Your Website Needs an Overhaul

Now that you have seen the benefits that updated website design can have for your brand, let’s take a look at how to know your website is in need of an overhaul. Here’s 4 signs your website could use an update: 

  • Your site doesn’t align with your brand and brand story. Not having a cohesive user experience across all of your digital platforms can mean that your messaging is thrown into chaos and it will be harder to get your brand’s values and purpose across to your target audience.
  • Your site isn’t easy to navigate. Confusing navigation, not being able to find what you want, and slow response times can make your website harder and more frustrating to use, turning people away. 
  • Your website looks outdated. A website that uses flashing gifs or banners, is text heavy, has pop ups everywhere, and lacks engaging visuals are outdated and won’t engage your audience like you want it to. 
  • Your site doesn’t support the content you currently have. Websites can be a one-stop hub for storing and sharing all of your content. If your blog is on a separate site or you don’t link to your social profiles, you’re not using your website to its fullest potential.

Top Takeaways

Today’s internet users expect a modern, seamless, and easy-to-use online experience. When brands can’t deliver on an excellent website experience, it can turn your target audience away, making all your marketing efforts for naught. 

The most effective marketing takes a holistic approach. It incorporates research and planning, social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation, website development and design, public relations, sales, and even recruitment, just to name a few aspects. In today’s interconnected world, you can’t separate out the different aspects of your brand; each has to work seamlessly together in order for your brand to reach transformative goals. 

If you are looking for an invested partner that can help you develop strategies with a holistic approach, Attuned is ready to help you! We believe in taking a holistic approach that helps our clients break through. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand achieve your vision.